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2022: Fruits of the Forest: A Field Guide to Pacific Northwest Edible Mushrooms, Mountaineers Books, Seattle, 400p. ISBN 9781680515305    available here

2021: (with Gary Gilbert): Boletes of Western North America - MycoCards - 55 Western boletes presented as flashcards available here 


2020: Edible Mushrooms of Suriname. Educational Poster produced for Amazon Conservation Team (contact me for a bigger version)


2019: Bamboo Balls - A Tale of Fungal Feasting in the Rain Forest. In: Fungi vol. 11:5, p. 54-58.
                                read or download


2018: (with Robert Rogers): A Field Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms of North America. Mushroaming Publishing, Kirkland WA, ISBN 978-0-990423812       preview & order

2017: Caterpillar Fungus Production and Sustainability on the Tibetan Plateau and in the Himalayas. In: Tibetan Pastoralists and Development - Negotiating the Future of Grassland Livelihoods, Eds.: Ingo Breuer & Andreas Gruschke, Publisher: Reichert Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-95490-242-2, p.45-61.                                                link to buy

2017: The Wild Life of Yartsa Gunbu (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) on the Tibetan Plateau. In: Fungi vol. 10:1, Spring 2017, p.53-64.                                 read or download

2017: Zuo, Linren & Kaley Kang & Daniel Winkler (photos) 2017. Why do people only know Ophiocordyceps sinensis among all Cordyceps? Na me duo chong cao, wei shen me da duo shu ren zhi zhi dao dong chong xia cao?]. Chinese National Geography July 2017, vol.681, p.28-59.                                                                                    read or download

2016: Book review: "Mushrooms of Nepal" by M.K. Adhikari 2014. In: Fungi vol. 9:1, p.37-38.  read or download

2015: (with S. Rajbhandary): Ethnobotany. In: Nepal: an introduction to the natural history, ecology and human environment of the Himalayas. Editors: Georg Miehe, Colin Pendry & Ram Chaudhary,  Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.           preview & order

2015: Book review of "Mushrooms for Trees and People - A field guide to useful mushrooms of the Mekong Region" by Mortimer et al. 2014. In: Fungi vol.8.1, p.39-40. 
                                                                                     read or download
2014: (with Larry Evans): A Field Guide to Tropical Amazon Mushrooms. Mushroaming Publishing, Kirkland WA, ISBN 978-0-99042-3805       preview & order
2013: Steps towards Sustainable Harvest of Yartsa Gunbu (Caterpillar Fungus, Ophiocordyceps sinensis). Proceedings of the 7th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference. Beijing Aug. 26-29, 2013, p. 635-644.                                                      read or download
2013: Truffles of the Pacific Northwest.  Fungi vol: 6.4: 16-19. read or download
2013: Die erstaunliche Funga eines tropischen Bergnebel-Eichenwaldes in Kolumbien. Der Tintling - Die Pilzzeitung 6/2013, p.27-35.              Lesen oder Herunterladen
2012: 2011 – The Year Cordyceps Mushroomed in the Media Landscape but did not Thrive in Tibet. Fungi vol: 5.3, 34-39                                        read or download
2012: A Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of California. Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, BC, Canada, ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-5899       preview & order
2012: (with Larry Evans): Rare Moments In Remote Places - Ambling through the Andean Amazon. In: The Mycophile 52.3: 15-16.                         read or download
2011: A Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest, Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, BC, Canada, ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-542-4 
                                                                         preview & order
2011: Caterpillar Fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) Production and Sustainability on the Tibetan Plateau and in the Himalayas. In: Asian Medicine 5 (2009), p. 291–316. (published as 2009)
2011: (with Larry Evans): Ecuador - Into the Fungal Jungle. Fungi vol: 4.4: 10-11.
                                                                            read or ownload
2011: Bhutan's Buddha Mushroom. In: Fungi 4.1, p. 5 & 30-35. 
                                                                            read or download
2010: Caterpillar Fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) on the Tibetan Plateau. In: Geographische Rundschau International Edition 6.4: 44-49.  read & download
2010: Caterpillar Fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) Production and Sustainability on the Tibetan Plateau and in the Himalayas. In: Chinese Journal of Grassland vol. 32 Suppl. p. 96-108.
(version in print is outdated, last update June 11, 2010)
2010: Morels in Eastern Tibet. Fungi 3.2: 6-7. link to paper
2010: Cordyceps sinensis - A precious parasitic fungus infecting Tibet. Field Mycology 11.2: 60-68.
2009: Tales of the Himalayan Gypsy - Wandering between Rozites and Cortinarius emodensis. In: Mushroom - The Journal of Wild Mushrooming 102, vol. 27.1, 2009, p.33-40.
2009: (with Karl Ryavec) Logging Impacts to Forests in Tibetan Areas of Southwest China. A Case Study from Ganze Prefecture Based on 1998 Landsat TM Imagery. In: Himalaya - Journal of the Association for Nepal & Himalayan Studies 2006, vol. 26.1: 38-45,  (yes '06, but published '09, first submitted in 2000, pdf available.)                  link to paper
2008: The Mushrooming Fungi Market in Tibet exemplified by Cordyceps sinensis and Tricholoma matsutake. In: Proc. 11. Seminar of International Association for Tibetan Studies, Bonn 2006. Editors Kenneth Bauer, Geoff Childs, Andrew Fischer & Daniel Winkler. In: Journal of the Intern. Assoc. Tibetan Studies / JIATS 4: 1-47.                     link to paper
2008: Yartsa Gunbu (Cordyceps sinensis) and the Fungal Commodification of the Rural Economy in Tibet AR. In: Economic Botany 62.3 p.291-305 - Special on mushrooms edited by David Arora.
2008: Present and Historic Relevance of Yartsa Gunbu (Cordyceps sinensis). An Ancient Myco-Medicinal in Tibet. In: Fungi 1.4:6-7                link to paper
2008: Das Pilzwunder. Süddeutsche Zeitung - Wissen 9/2008, p.34-35
2007: Der Tibetische Raupenpilz: Yartsa Gunbu. In: Tintling - Die Pilzzeitung 2007, Heft 52:39-43.
                                                                             link to paper
2007: : The Return of the Cuckoo or Morels in Tibet. In: Mushroom - The Journal of Wild Mushrooming  97, vol. 25.4:5-8                                               >link to paper<
2006: Infested by the Caterpillar Fungus (Cordyceps sinensis). A once in a lifetime Tibetan experience. Mushroom - The Journal of Wild Mushrooming 89: 7-12.
2005: Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc: Economy, Ecology & Ethno-mycology of Yartsa Gunbu, a Medicinal Fungus Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau [Abstract of presentation]. In: International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 7.3:481-482.        >link to paper<
2005: Yartsa Gunbu - Cordyceps sinensis. Economy, Ecology & Ethno-mycology of a Fungus Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau. In: A.Boesi & F. Cardi (eds.). Wildlife and plants in traditional and modern Tibet: Conceptions, Exploitation and Conservation. Memorie della Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali e del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano, Vol. 33.1:69-85.
2004: Matsutake Mycelium Under Attack in Southwest China. How The Mushrooming Trade Mines its Resource and How to Achieve Sustainability  [Draft]
2003: Forest Use and Implications of the 1998 Logging Ban in the Tibetan Prefectures of Sichuan: Case Study on Forestry, Reforestation And NTFP in Litang County, Ganzi TAP, China. In: The Ecological Basis And Sustainable Management Of Forest Resources (eds Z. Jiang, M. Centritto, S. Liu & S. Zhang). Informatore Botanico Italiano 35 (Supplemento 2), 116-125.    
2002: Participation in Forestry in Tibetan Southwest China. A Strategy to Resolve Resource Use Conflicts.  [A slightly abbreviated version was published in: Mountain Research and Development 22.4: 397-399.]
2001: Major Threats to Tibetan Forest Ecosystems and Strategies for Forest Biodiversity Conservation. In: Tibet's Biodiversity - Conservation and Management. WWF China Programme / TAR Forestry Bureau International Workshop, Lhasa Sept. 1998, China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, 62-67 (+ inside cover photos).           link to paper
2000: Sustainable Development in the Tibetan Areas of West Sichuan after the Logging Ban.Unpublished presentation for 9th IATS Symposium, Leiden - Holland, June 24th -30th, 2000.
2000: Patterns of Forest Distribution and the Impact of Fire and Pastoralism in the Forest Region of the Tibetan Plateau. In: G.Miehe & Zhang Yili (Eds.): Environmental Change in High Asia, Marburger Geogr. Schriften 135, 201-227.                     link to paper
1999: Forestry, Floods and Hydroelectricity - China's National Natural Forest Protection Project and its Impact on Tibetan Areas. In: Sinosphere Volume 3, Issue 2, formerly published at http://chinaenvironment.net                             link to paper
1998: Deforestation in Eastern Tibet: Human Impact - Past and Present: In: G.E. Clarke (ed.) Development, Society and Environment in Tibet, Papers Presented at the Panel of the 7th Seminar Intern. Assoc. for Tibetan Studies (IATS) Graz 1995. Proc. 7th Seminar IATS, vol.5, Vienna, 79-96.
                                                          link to paper     link to buy book   
1998: The Forests of the Eastern Part of the Tibetan Plateau. A Case Study from Jiuzhaigou (Zitsa Degu; NNW-Sichuan). In: Plant Research and Development 47/48, Focus: Forest Management and Sustainability, 184-210.                                  link to paper
1998: Die waldfreien Sonnhänge Osttibets am Beispiel Jiuzhaigous (Zitsa Degu) und der Einfluß von Feuer und Weidewirtschaft. In: Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen 1998.3/4, 165-174.
1997: Waldvegetation in der Ostabdachung des Tibetischen Hochlands und die historische und gegenwärtige Entwaldung - Das Beispiel Jiuzhaigous (Zitsa Degu; NNW-Sichuan). In: Erdkunde 51, p.143-163.                                                        link to paper
1997: On the Road to Environmental Projects in Riwoche County, Chamdo Prefecture. In: The Mirror 30, Arcidosso - Italy, Conway, Mass.             link to paper
1996: Forests, Forest Economy and Deforestation in the Tibetan Prefectures of West-Sichuan. In: Commonwealth Forestry Review 75.4, p. 295-301.
1994: Die Waldvegetation in der Ostabdachung des Tibetischen Hochlandes - Dreidimensionale Vegetationszonierung mit Bodenuntersuchungen am Beispiel des Jiuzhai-Tals in NNW-Sichuan [The forest vegetation in the eastern Tibetan Plateau - Spatial vegetation zonation with soil tests in the Jiuzhai-Valley]. Berliner Geogr. Abhandlungen - Beiheft 2, Berlin, 128 p. (English & Chinese abstract)
 (I still have a couple of these books available for US$25 /  20,  please contact me)
1992: Die Waldvegetation in der Ostabdachung des Tibetischen Hochlandes. Diplomarbeit (master thesis), Geographisches Institut der Freien Universität Berlin.
My research plagiarized by RC Gupta and PS Negi
Cordyceps sinensis (Yarsa gamboo): A high Value Medicinal Mushroom". In: Industrial Exploitation of Microbiology"* (New Delhi 2010) claimed falsely to be authored by plagiarists RC Gupta and PS Negi. "Their contribution contains my research paper verbatim without attribution. The plagiarists added maybe 10% to the paper, i.e. a couple photos, a graphic of Cordycepin structure and a paragraph on medicinal properties. In addition they turned my Chinese Yuan and US dollars into rupees and misspelled Yartsa gunbu to Yarsa gamboo, corrupted the title, omitted the actual title of my original paper in the references. I am shocked how low these scientists steep. Why not approaching me and asking me for a joint publication in India, especially since I already had email exchange with Negi? I would have been happy to do that. However 90% of "their" contribution is verbatim my article:

Here my original paper:
Winkler D. 2005: Yartsa Gunbu - Cordyceps sinensis. Economy, Ecology & Ethno-mycology of a Fungus Endemic to the Tibetan Plateau. In: A.Boesi & F. Cardi (eds.). Wildlife and plants in traditional and modern Tibet: Conceptions, Exploitation and Conservation. Memorie della Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali e del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano, Vol. 33.1:69-85. 

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