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Bhutan: Mushrooms, Mountains & Monasteries, Aug. 17 to 30, 2019  Bhutan Mushrooms webpage

 Colombia Expedition - tent. March 2020




Lake Stevens WA - Library - Sep. 17 
 Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms of the PNW - 6 pm


Seattle WA - Dandelion - Sept. 23 
Medicinal  Mushrooms of the PNW


Clinton WA - Library - Sep. 24 
 Edible Mushrooms of the PNW & Beyond


Sicamous BC Sept 27 to 28 tent
Fungi Fest


 Seattle WA Rockhound - Oct. 7 
Choice Edible  Mushrooms of the PNW


Los Angeles CA - Nov. 18 
LAMS - title to be announced


Boston MA - Dec. 1
BMS - title to be announced

Washington DC - Dec. 3 
Myocological Assoc. of Washington- title to be announced

San Francisco CA - Dec. 8 
MSSF - Annual Show  - 
Best of Mushroaming
Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms of the West Coast

 Field Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms of North America  - available NOW
Daniel Winkler & Robert Rogers


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Cordyceps Corner


Link to my "Field Guides to Edible Mushrooms" of the PNW and California,  Medicinal Mushrooms of North America,  as well as Amazon Mushrooms.
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