Report's on Daniel's Research or Work in the Media

In Print

- Washington Post, July 2, 2016: ‘Himalayan Viagra’: Tibet’s gold rush may be coming to an end by Simon Denyer 

New York Times, June 27, 2016: Bagdanda Journal: Demand for ‘Himalayan Viagra’ Fungus Heats Up. maybe too much by Kai Schultz


- Caterpillar fungus - The emperor’s mighty brother, Demand for an aphrodisiac has brought unprecedented wealth to rural Tibet - and trouble in its wake. James Miles 
The Economist, Dec. 2015

- Tibetan GoldA medicinal fungus highly prized in China is fueling a boom on the Tibetan Plateau. Michael Finkel
National Geographic Magazine, Aug. 2012        read
 my review of this article

China Daily with a circulation of half a million papers published an Interview with me on caterpillar fungus in the Tibetan areas on Dec.17, 2012. The interview is posted on my Cordyceps blog.

- Caterpillar Fungus Making Tibetan Herders Rich- Profitable medicinal fungus a cash cow in rural communities. John Roach,
National Geographic Daily News, April 27, 2011 - link

Seattle Times Article on the 2012 PSMS Mushroom Show 

- In the German edition of Financial Times Germany an article by Ruth Fendh looking into the economic site of Yartsa gunbu, mostly based on my research: Wertvoller Raupenpilz: Pilze für ein Vermögen - Einmal im Jahr verfällt die Himalaja-Region in einen Rausch. Tausende Bewohner ziehen aus, um ihr Einkommen aufzubessern. Mit dem Sammeln kostbarer Pilze. link

On the Air

- Seattle's NPR station KUOW had in late October a radio feature produced by Ann Dornfeld on PNW mushroom hunting that features PSMS' "Fat of the Land"-Langdon Cook and me


- "Living in Extremes" 2003 - KEO 4 installment TV series on living in extreme environment presented by Nick Middelton. Participated presenting living in high altitude conditions in Tibet.


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