There are also flowers depicted under Medicinal plants and Tibetan orchids
Arisaema flava flowering on the foot of the Potala palace on Marpori. This unique cobra lily is  distributed in the dry valleys of Tibet and eastward throughout the Near East.  Photo: D.Winkler, Lhasa, Tibet AR, June 17, 2006.
There are dozens of species of Leontopodium, theEdelweiss in Tibet. Whereas it is one of the rarest flowers in the Alps, it is common on Tibet's pastures. Yak La, Pema Karpo / Baima Xueshan, Dechen/Deqen TAP, Yunnan, July 22, 2007.
Daphne aurantiaca. One of the few yellow flowering Daphne species. It can be encountered in the understory of oak-spruce forests in East Tibet. April 24, 2002, Photo: D.Winkler, Chungba / Junba Valley, Litang County, Kandze/Ganzi TAP.
Incarvillea zhongdianensis. Incarvilleas have been introduced to western gardens for awhile under the name Gloxinia or more recently Fern flower.  Gyalthang / Zhongdian / Xiangerila, Deqen / Diqing TAP, Yunnan, August 2001, Photo: D.Winkler.
A twin-flowered lady slipper - Cypripedium tibeticum (King ex Hemsl. 1892), Kongpo-Gyomda County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet AR, 3500m, June 2006. Possible Synonyms C. corrugatum C. macranthos var. tibeticum Photo: D.Winkler.
Lilium bakerianum ssp. sulphurianum, Yajiang, Ganzi TAP, 3600m. I only encountered one stand of these beautiful lilies above Nyachuka town during all my trips in Tibet, Photo: D.Winkler.
Meconopsis quintuplinervia flower laying on its leaves to display the flower.
July 4, 2010, Photo: D.Winkler.
A group of Meconopsis quintuplinervia growing at Gangya La / Ganjia Shankou (3250m / 10,660 ft) in southeastern Qinghai not too far from Labrang.
Meconopsis impedita, Gye La / Zhedu Shankou, Darsedo / Kangding, Ganzi TAP,
4400m, Photo: D.Winkler.
Notholirion bulbiferum, a pale blue member of the Liliaceae, flowers only once after several years of growing its basal leaves. Nyachuka / Yajiang, Ganzi TAP, 3900m, August 4, 2007.
Notholirion bulbiferum detail. Pome/Bomi County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet AR. July 19, 2010, 3700m. Photo: D.Winkler.
Meconopsis punicea, This bright red Himalayan Poppy is common in NE Kham and SE Amdo, (NW-Sichuan, SE Qinghai, SW Gansu. Nyenlung La, Sertar, Ganzi TAP, 4200m, Photo: D.Winkler.
Paeonia Minyak Sm.JPG
Paeonia decomposita (P. szechuanica), a very rare tree peony endemic to the Gyarong Chu Valley (Dadu He) that loves exposed sites. Barkam / Ma'erkang County, Aba TAP, 3200m Photo: D.Winkler.
Paeonia veitchii, Minyak, Kangding County, Ganzi TAP, 3800m, May 2000, Photo: D.Winkler
Paeonia veitchii, Dzitsa Degu, Jiuzhaigou County, Aba TAP, 3800m, June 2010, Photo: D.Winkler.
 Eremurus chinensis, Denba County, Ganzi TAP, ca. 2200m, May 2000, Photo: D.Winkler.

Aconitum, Epilobium & Delphinium, Dzogchen, Derge, Ganzi TAP, 4000m, Photo: D.Winkler.
Iris tectorum & Daphne aurantiacaBarkam / Ma'erkang, Aba TAP, 3400m, Photo: D.Winkler.
Codonopsis Convolvulacea 2001Sm
Codonopsis  canescens, Dangba, Nyarong / Xinlong, Ganzi TAP, 3200m, Photo: D.Winkler.
Codonopsis meleagris, Yajiang, Ganzi TAP, 3800m, Photo: D.Winkler.
Codonopsis convolvulacea, Dzamthang / Rangtang,  August 2001, Photo: D.Winkler.
Arisaema cf. consanguineum growing in Chaksum / Caosang, Litang, Ganzi TAP, 3900m,
A rare variegated, extremely hardy Cobra Lily which has up to 40 leaves in a single whirl. October 2000, Photo: D.Winkler.
Arisaema cf. consanguineum seen in Chungba / Junba, Litang, Ganzi TAP, 3500m, August 2001, Photo: D.Winkler.
Ligularia cf. deltoidesKandze / Ganzi, Ganzi TAP, August 2001. Photo: D.Winkler.
Lilium davidii in Dardsemdo / Kangding,  Kandze / Ganzi TAP, Sichuan, July 2009, Photo: D.Winkler,
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Lilium pumilum near Repkong / Tongren, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, July 2007, Photo: D.Winkler.
 A Cremanthodium, possibly C. brunneopilosum, is a beautiful Asteraceae that often likes rich wet sites in alpine pastures. This one flowered near Dzogchen, Photo: D.Winkler, Derge / Dege County, Kandze / Ganzi TAP, Sichuan, July 1997

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