Father with kid in Nyalong, Sertar, right on the boarder to Qinghai's Padma (Pinyin: Baima) County. © Daniel Winkler March 23, 2001
Agar, a forest guard from Lendo village in Junba valley, Litang © Daniel Winkler April 24, 2002
ShunlungBoyMonk Sm.jpg
ShunlungMan&JuniperBranch Sm.jpg
Young monk from Shunlung [Nyarong (Xinlong) County, Ganzi TAP] the birth place of Nyala Pema Dudul, a famous master from the 19th Century. © Daniel Winkler, April 22, 2002
Man from Shunlung, Nyarong / Xinlong County holding a juniper tree branch. © Daniel Winkler, April 22, 2002
Girl from Shunlung, Nyarong County, Ganzi TAP © Kunchok Gelek, April 22, 2002
Shunlung township's young and dynamic leader Rigdzin Nyima, © Daniel Winkler April 22, 2002
A bride on her way to her wedding. Hopefully her unhappy facial expression reflects her disapproval of the uninvited photo-op rather than any misgivings of her future marriage. July 1998 © Daniel Winkler
Nyarongpa doing his 'manis'. November 2001, © Daniel Winkler


Rinchen&Leden Sm.jpg

Rinchen and her brother Leden in their living room in Litang Town. © Daniel Winkler April 26, 2002
Not only plenty of sumptuous food, but costumes were supplied as well. What a treat! Celebrating the inauguration of the newly replanted Nangchen 'Lingkor'. From left: Tashi Tsering, Mick Rigdrol, myself, and a lady from Nangchen. August 9, 2001, Nangchen County, Jyekundo / Yushu TAP, Qinghai

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