MushRoaming T-shirt

Tibet's Precious Mushroom T-shirt

           "Shamo Rinpoche" T-Shirt, meaning
"Precious Mushrooms" or "Mushroom Guru"

Tibet's Precious Mushroom T-shirt presented by Lhamotso, who graciously agreed to model it when we met on the train. Lhamotso is engaged in empowering women in East Tibet through grassroots development. Here a link to Shem, the NGO she started.

All shirts have also a backside
Design: MushRoaming - Daniel Winkler
I used my own photos taken in Tibet for the design.

The T-shirts are pre-shrunk Anvil brand - 6.1 oz 100% cotton.
A close up of the T-shirt image taken or modeled by Gary Lincoff. I'll have to find out.
Five precious Tibetan mushrooms surround a Stupa or Chörten, the Buddhist symbol of the enlightened mind. The Tibetan script above reads:
Shamo Rinpoche (Sha-Mo  Rin-po-che) means "precious mushrooms" and could also mean Mushroom guru, since Rinpoche "precious one" is the honorific title for a Tibetan teacher.
Detailed image content information  

   Scientific Name         Common                Tibetan                 Literal Meaning
      Morchella sp.                Morel                  Khukhu Shamo           Cuckoo mushroom
Tricholoma matsutake       Matsutake           Beshing Shamo            Oak mushroom
Cantharellus cibarius       Chanterelle             Sese Shamo              Yellow mushroom
 Cordyceps sinensis     Caterpillar fungus         Yartsa gunbu      Summer grass winter worm
     Boletus edulis              King bolete              Bole Shamo                Fat Mushroom
Please note that the local mushroom names in Tibet often vary strongly from region to region or even valley to valley. However, due to the economic importance of Caterpillar fungus, Morels and Matsutake a common Tibetan name has been established in recent years. For boletes and chanterelles this has not happened to this degree and I used names common in Kongpo.
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