Audience Feedback

September 2015

Thank you so much for coming last night and bringing that giant audience with you! J A crowd that size on a Tuesday night at our library is unheard of – must be your star power!Your presentation was educational, funny, and very interesting. Your audience was taking notes frantically and were clearly enthralled. Thank you so much for coming. I would love to have you again next fall.

Sincerely, Emily Felt

Librarian – Monroe Library

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May 2011

You were a HIT! 

Members enjoyed your presentation and of course, your candid comments. Thank you so much for making time for our little mushroom society. We'll be sure to have you again the next time to share Tibet or Ecuador, whichever interests our members.

 Cheers, Sam Romney -  Snohomish County Mycological Society


 February 2011


 Last night's "Choice edible mushrooms of the PNW and their not so edible look-alikes" presentation to the Puget Sound Mycological Society member's meeting was excellent!  

Both our novice and veteran mushroom pickers either learned or were reminded of this important information.  The photos were terrific and your talk was instructional and funny, which kept the audience very attentive and engaged. 

 John Goldman - Treasurer, Puget Sound Mycological Society


 October 2010

 Hi Daniel, 

All the people who heard you speak at our Sunshine Coast Mushroom Fest and who attended the forays were pleased - no, delighted - to have spent time with you. You were so very generous with your time, spending the entire day at our event and answering people's questions, and then giving us a most entertaining slide show that evening. And then you were enthusiastic about going out on two forays the next day, followed by the cook-up / tasting at Pained Boat - what a wonderful weekend!

 Thanks again for everything, and I hope you'll come back in a few years, when our little festival hits the big time!

 Ann Harber - President - Sunshine Coast Society for the Hunting, Recognition and Observation of Mushrooms (SHROOM)


 March 2010

 Dear Daniel,

Your talk was wonderfully interesting!

I belatedly ran across this article about your talk in the Cornell student newspaper.

I really enjoyed hosting you. Thanks for including us in your tour.

 Kathie Hodge Ph.D., Director, Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium & Associate Professor of Mycology 

Cornell University, Ithaca NY


 The talk you gave us (the Boston Mycological Club) was really wonderful, and members have told me that it was one of the best that 

they've heard - ever! Your slides were great; your knowledge amazing, and your enthusiasm infectious. Plus, we all appreciated the time and energy you put both preparing and delivering the presentation, as well as your willingness to stay afterwards, answering questions and talking with us.

 Thank you, and we'll look forward to having you as our repeat guest in the future!

 Susan Goldhor

BMC President and regular contributor on fungal topics to Mushroom the Journal and other periodicals


 March 2010

 It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you today at the NJMA session in Morristown . Your presentation was OUTSTANDING !! 

I am a part time lecturer and have attended many many lectures, however your presentation was excellent and extremely informative and interesting. I had trouble keeping my excitement and questions to a reasonable minimum ! 

 Sincerely,  Marcus G Morreale, CPA, CFE, MBA


 Daniel,  your “MushRoaming in Bhutan” presentation at our PSMS February 2010 general meeting was great!  

I especially liked the exquisite scenery in your photos and the anecdotal stories that you shared with us.  Your sensitivity regarding cultures and your ability to make friends in other countries shines through and contributes to a presentation that is not only scientific and factual but also warm and inviting.  

It is definitely an enticement to join you on an adventure in the future.  Thank you for sharing your unusual experiences with us. Even if many of us do not get the opportunity to travel there, you have made it seem as though we have gained some insight into that beautiful country.  I have no doubt that you are a wonderful guide; both knowledgeable and interesting. 

 Marian Maxwell    PSMS President 2010-2012


 "World-class lectures fill the venues in this little mountain town [Telluride CO], and many of the world’s leading mycologists amaze audiences with their latest finds. In 2008, for example, Daniel Winkler, fresh from an expedition in Tibet, awed us with the economics of the Cordyceps sinensis trade. Remarkably, a majority of Tibet’s Gross National Product depends entirely on Cordyceps. Considering how difficult this variety is to find, and how integrated its lifecycle is with its host, this fact is truly remarkable - perhaps even a little frightening."

 Ben Williams, Telluride Institute in Fungi  2.1:43, Spring 2009 issue


 Feb 2009

 I want to thank you so much for a terrific, entertaining, and illuminating program [Flavorful, Fancy & Foul Fungi] on subjects that most of us have never subjected ourselves to. I was very pleased to have started the year of programs off with such a pungent fungal feast. You will be placed on a list that will include particularly fun-gi's. 

 Thanks. Eleanor Milner, Program chairperson -  Oregon Mycological Society


 Feb. 2009

 Daniel, We sure appreciated your witty and informative presentation on mushrooms of Tibet and your enthusiastic joining-in with our myco group foray on Sunday. You conveyed your extensive knowledge of all things Tibetan--the geography, culture, religion, and especially fungi with their enormous economic importance in an energetic and first rate program. It was a wonderful, thought-provoking evening. 

 Thank you for coming down to our area and being so open and fun--and even a willing taste tester for our roadkill rattlesnake hors d'oeuvres and pomegranate concoctions. 

 We hope to have you back again some day soon if you are willing.

 Best wishes, Bonni Mackintosh, San Diego Mycological Society


 March 2008

 Thank you - I thought your talk last night was marvelous and it was clearly much enjoyed by all of us! 

The visuals were brilliant and you conveyed so much so well, impactfully, with your powerpoint slide montages (collages?).

 Juliet, Vancouver Mycological Society


At my request, Daniel spoke to my class at the University of Montana during spring 2008 on both forestry issues on the eastern Tibetan plateau, and on the ecology and economics of mushrooms in Tibet. He did a fabulous job! 

 He'd prepared a very informative Power-Point presentation specifically for the class, which helped focus the presentation. His depth of knowledge was clearly evident, not only on biological but also on social and cultural aspects. More importantly, his enthusiasm for his topics was infectious: the students (mostly senior-level, but also including a few graduate students) were engaged from beginning to end. He managed to both impart a great deal of information while making the 2 hours fly by with his warmth and humor. The students were most appreciative, and learned a great deal.

 Rich Harris

Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences, University of Montana

March 3, 2008


Nov. 2007

I invited Daniel to speak at the Oregon Mycological Society's meeting in November, 2007. All members present were treated to Daniel's fascinating, sometimes humorous, always interesting dissertation on the fungal treasures and economic importance of fungi in the Tibetan region. 

Any organization would indeed not be disappointed by inviting him to speak on this topic that he knows so well. 

 Tony Migas

President OMS, Mushroom Grower & Landscaper 


Nov. 2007

Hey Daniel,

Nice show last night. Wow, you've got some fantastic photos!

Denise M. Glover, PhD  - Anthropologist 



Nov. 2007

Daniel, Wow! What beautiful mushrooms!

Everyone enjoyed your lecture; thank you for such a multifaceted talk about Tibet and mushrooms. I had a great time looking at your images and listening to your stories and information.

Thank you again!


P. Benson, President PSMS


Nov. 2007


Thanks for your remarkable presentation Wednesday evening. You gained many fans here. 


 Richard N. Lyness, 

Minister of Programs, Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz



 Hi Daniel,

What a great public speaker you are ! I greatly enjoyed the talk the other day. They charged me for it, but it was still worthwhile to learn about my own ancestral homeland. 


Lhakpa Sherpa Ph.D.,

 Director of Qomolungma National Park, Tibet AR, Former Director of Sagarmartha (Everest) National Park, Nepal.


 Dear Daniel,

Just a note to tell you how much we really enjoyed your slides and talk! Dick, who isn't usually impressed, has mentioned more than several times, how much he admired the quality and beauty of the photos AND how much he admired your presentation. Your depth of knowledge about the culture and religion and of course the biology.  He and I, both, enjoyed your facility with the language and explanations you gave.  It was a great talk. 

 Bonnie Robbins 

(former Vice-President, Intern'l Snow Leopard Trust, Seattle)


 Daniel is one of the most popular speakers at the Virupa Ecumenical Institute and his slide shows are incredibly informative and insightful. This is a special opportunity to see and learn about Eastern Tibet. 

 Jeff Schoening Ph.D. 

Director of the Virupa Ecumenical Institute, Educational Branch of Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, Seattle


 Dear Daniel,

Thanks SO MUCH for a delightful and stimulating evening at Travelers!

Seldom does one learn so much while being entertained! 

 Len Hilgerman

MSW, Social worker and Community Organizer, Seattle


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