Nyamni Dorje on Yartsa Gunbu

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Winkler D. 2008:
The Mushrooming Fungi Market in Tibet exemplified by Cordyceps sinensis and Tricholoma matsutake  
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An Ocean of Aphrodisiacal Qualities
A Special Work (on Yartsa Gunbu)
by Nyamnyi Dorje Palden Zurkhar
(born:1439, died 1475 )
(Translation: Jakob Winkler)

In this world [sexual] bliss is
the most marvellous of all pleasures,
the essence of the enjoyment of the all senses.
Among the recipes which increase libido
in The Treatise of Eight Branches
The Astanga Shastra states:
"Dambu burshing jagmatsa"
is also called Yartsa Gunbu.
Concerning this medicinal substance:
It grows in beautiful mountain regions
on remote grass-covered slopes.
In the summer it is a blade of grass on a worm
similar to the leaf of mountain garlic.
The flower resembles a silken green sedge.
The root resembles cumin seed at the end of autumn.
The taste is sweet and a little astringent.
The post digestive taste is sweet and the quality is oily.
It has a slightly warm quality.
It removes prana diseases, cures bile diseases and
without increasing the phlegm; a marvellous medicine.
In particular, it increases especially semen.
It is a faultless treasure of an ocean of good qualities.
The secret instruction on the preparation:
Pick the root at the right time and
after having cleaned it from all soil,
crush the bunch of Yartsa and
grind into a clean, smooth powder and add yeast.
Fill the chest of a sparrow with it and boil it.
Then open the chest with a golden instrument and
add a litre of sheep milk.
Boil it in an iron kettle until the liquids disappear.
Then again, without burning it
slowly dry it with the heat of fire.
After all moisture is evaporated, grind it to a fine powder.
As additional ingredients [add]: the "six excellent medicinal ingredients",
black pepper, bezoar stone, bear's bile, chig thub seed,
a good dose of secret medicine (gsang ba sman)
and also add a fine snow lizard when obtainable.
Grind it to a fine powder and
Roll it into pills the size of sheep dung.
Take it at dawn either with arrack or strong beer
whatever you can obtain and add sugar to it.
Take it for one month and abstain from intercourse
and avoid raw foods and spoiled vegetables.
Rely upon the Three Whites (milk, butter, curd) and
the Three Sweets (sugar, honey, molasses).
It bestows inconceivable advantages.
Thus, it increases the Seven Bodily Constituents.
Among these, particularly it serves best for the purpose of libido,
Increasing offspring and improving vitality.
It completely sharpens the five sense faculties.
It has innumerable qualities; to praise it in words would be endless.

When one practices the method of Great Bliss,
a yogi knowing how to dance with the consort
clearly discerning lust from the Yoga of Union
will enjoy the delight of hundreds of thousands of beautiful women.
Without having the authentic transmission of the oral instructions
the fruit of whatever one wishes for is not attained.
Here foolish and selfish people engaging without faith and devotion,
being afflicted by negative influence
are not suitable recipients (like vessels) poisoned with aconite.
The crucial point is to be virtuous, honest
and to have the fortune of heeding the sacred commitment.

By these words written by Dharma Svåmi, the Lord of Phenomena,
may all beings achieve supreme bliss!
Astu sarva jagatåm
Translation Nov,4, 2008
Special thanks to my twin brother Jakob Winkler for translating this text for me!

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