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Boletus reticuloceps found in Ura

Boletus reticuloceps Ura Crsq Ms.jpg ThumbnailsHydnellum "peckii"ThumbnailsHydnellum "peckii"ThumbnailsHydnellum "peckii"ThumbnailsHydnellum "peckii"ThumbnailsHydnellum "peckii"

Boletus reticuloceps, an excellent king bolete associate with conifers distributed in the Eastern Himalayas and Eastern Tibet. It was first described from the Tibetan areas in Yunnan. Then it was named as Aureboletus reticuloceps, but in 2005 in Sydowia 57-1 Wang, Q. B. & Y. J. Yao published "Boletus reticuloceps, a new combination for Aureoboletus reticuloceps"