Earthquake in East Tibet

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Most of you have heard about the awful, devastating 7.9 earthquake on April 14th, 2010 that destroyed 80-90% of the buildings in Jiegu, the prefectural town of Yushu /Gyegu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.  Many people were killed, the current official estimate is over 2000 people. Many residents escaped with just their clothes they were wearing and have lost everything at a time were night frosts are still common for quite awhile. 

Yushu Prefecture is a predominately Tibetan region on the border of QinghaiSichuanand the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The biggest city is Gyêgu (Jiegu township, also written Jeyku = Jyekundo = Yushu), a city of  probably 80.000 inhabitants. Gyegu is one of the most important Yartsa Gunbu / Cordyceps sinensis market places and has prospered from that trade in the past. I have been there four times and had scheduled the 2010 Cordyceps Tour to visit Jyekundo's Yartsa Gunbu market.However, after the devastation of the earthquake that makes no sense. So I decided I rather donate and write this entry to help people find great conduits for help.

The need for humanitarian help is enormous. Funds are needed for immediatereliefsupport and rehabilitation in the medium and long term.  Down belowlist of small and mid-size, trustworthy and effective NGOs that  haveworked in Eastern Tibet for years.  

Yushu Earthquake response   with daily updated information. These are several Jyekundo based NGOs that partnered up for the relief effort

Kilung Earthquake Relief Appeal  working from neighboring Sershul / Sequ Donate by Papal 

Machik Washington DC based NGO working in Kham

ASIA , Italy based NGO with charity status also in Conway MA & Germany

The Bridge Fund US based NGO working in Tibetan areas

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